About Us

Every other year since 2004, we have produced a musical comedy to raise funds to support the groups who provide (non-criminal) legal services to the impoverished of Delaware. These groups help children and families to stay in their homes and be protected from abuse.

This year we’ll have our 8th show. The Honorable Robert Young B. Young (retired Superior Court Judge, Kent County) writes it, and then it is performed by lawyers and legal professionals from across the State of Delaware.  While it entails a great deal of work to put on, the actors, musicians, directors, and stage hands (from every aspect of practice, type of firm, part of the State, age, race, etc.) enjoy working without any remuneration for the benefit of the citizens of Delaware.

In the past, we’ve done “Macbeth”, “A Tale of Two Cities”, “Moby Dick”, “An American Tragedy”, “Madame Bovary”, “The Crucible”, and “The Public Enemy.” As always, we take a perfectly dreary theme, and then twist it into a musical comedy with 20-some songs, several dances, a live band, and a great ending. Over the years, we have become fairly well known. Our audiences now exceed 1,000 people for the 3 shows.

Profundo Bono, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose purposes include:

  • To present live theatre productions for the cultural education, entertainment, and inspiration of the community.
  • To welcome and provide an avocational opportunity for all volunteers interested in the theatre arts to participate in the many activities of community theatre.
  • To generate proceeds for donation to third-party non-profit organizations furnishing or enabling charitable services to the community

Our fundraising benefits the Combined Campaign for Justice, which enables Delaware’s three legal services agencies–Community Legal Aid Society, Inc., Delaware Volunteer Legal Services, Inc., and Legal Services Corporation of Delaware, Inc.–to continue to provide legal services to low-income Delaware families in need of assistance. To learn more about CCJ, you can visit their website (https://delawareccj.org/) by clicking here.

Persons interested in participating should contact:

Adam Hiller, Esquire, ahiller@adamhillerlaw.com.

Thank you very much for being a supporter of our cause!